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  • Slide on installation with catches and tool-less height adjustment
  • Integrated Silent System
  • Optional: catch and plug for pull-out shelves
  • Optional: Pull-out shelf locating catch
  • Suitable for drawers with a side profile thickness of up to 16 mm
  • Platform concept: identical cabinet body, drawer and front panel dimension for Quadro partial and full extension runners for slide on installation
  • Load capacity to EN 15338, Level 3
  • Galvanised steel

Important advice:
  • Using catches/plugs for pull-out shelves reduces the length of the pull-out shelf by 12 mm (nominal length NL - 12 mm)

Please select:
Mounting side
right left
Nominal length
600 mm 580 mm 550 mm 520 mm 500 mm 480 mm 450 mm 420 mm 400 mm 380 mm 350 mm 300 mm 280 mm
Load class
30 kg
Order no.
Technical details
Load capacity kg 30  kg
Installed width EB 20  
Hole spacing b1 288  mm
Hole spacing b2 224  mm
Mounting side right  
Nominal length 500  mm
Load class 30 kg  
Type of runner Concealed runner  
Type of drawer runner Full extension runner  
User friendly features Silent System  
Minimum cabinet body depth KT 513  mm
Type of installation slide on installation  
Installed width (side profile thickness) EB 20 (drawer side profile thickness ≤ 16mm)  
Components Drawer runners  
Colour silver  
Previous order no. 9080237  
Order no. 9118059  
PU 20