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Furniture locking systems

Locking systems for every furniture segment and many different security levels provide manufacturers with every option for configuring furniture to meet customer requirements. Exceptional ease of mounting and servicing with exemplary quality of design makes simple or high-tech solutions attractive and economical.
Prestige 2000 cylinder cam lock, ø 18 mm, Z23
LAD Prestige 2000 espagnolette cylinder lock
Slam lock, MIFARE® ISO 14443 A
Cylinder espagnolette lock, Prestige 2000 Z23, ø18mm, for pressing in,15 mm, 20 mm
Espagnolette lock with square rods
Cylinder shooting bar lock set, Z23, ø 18 mm, right
Shooting bar, 10 x 3 mm, 1000 mm
Cylinder push lock
Cylinder push lock
Order no. 76483
Stop pin
Stop pin
Order no. 30103
Magnetic catch D 7/GP 9 11 N