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Special hinges

Meeting specific customer demands
This range of special hinges provides the right fitting for special applications, such as folding doors, refrigerator surrounds or flaps.
It is also just as easy to produce designs with thin front panel materials, front panel frame constructions or specific applications without cup drilling.
Glastürscharnier ET 5160, nickel plated, matt
Centre hinge for clipping on, for folding doors
Centre hinge 625
Centre hinge 625
Order no. 71648
Door-on-door slider fitting for refrigerator surrounds
Special hinge ET 582
Special hinge ET 582
Order no. 72134
Face frame hinge with spring system
Aufschraubscharnier Mini
Aufschraubscharnier Mini
Order no. 20126
Pivot hinges
Markant 7.1 flap hinge, nickel plated
Markant 11 flap hinge nickel plated
Special hinge Optimat Plus 4 FM

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