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Cabinet suspension brackets and suspension rails

Making sure cabinets hang securely
Cabinet suspension brackets from Hettich. High quality materials, high quality finish. Here too, the Hettich range provides all the options: screw on or press in mounting, for fitting inside the cabinet or on the back of the rear panel. All models are easy to fit and adjust. When mounted on rails, cabinets can be provided with an integrated lift off guard to prevent them from becoming detached in line with EN 14749 furniture standard.
SAH 216 cabinet suspension bracket with lift off guard
Aufhängeschiene Typ M abknickbar, 130 mm
Cabinet suspension bracket SAH 209
Caps for SAH 130
Cabinet suspension bracket SAH 15
Suspension rail, type L, snaps off
Wall plug, 8 x 40 mm 8 ø x 40 mm
Suspension hook ø 6 × 50 mm
Suspension hook ø 6 × 50 mm
Order no. 1004973
Suspension hooks ø 6 × 60 mm and wall plugs ø 8 x 40 mm
Special screw ø 5.5 x 50 mm and wall plug ø 8 x 40 mm
Special screw ø 5.5 × 50 mm
Special screw ø 5.5 × 50 mm
Order no. 1006978
Order no. 20784