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Sliding door systems for overlay door position

Slide it. Love it.
Give your furniture a high-quality and individual look: The runner and guide profiles are hidden from view with doors positioned in front of the top and bottom panel. With the focus firmly placed on cabinet design, the overall look is aesthetically pleasing.
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TopLine XL Cover profile 2000 mm
TopLine XL Runner profile 4000 mm medium
TopLine XL Guide profile 5300 mm STB 19.1 for attachment in screw slot
TopLine XL Silent System set, 4-door, synchronised, for reinforced runner profile
TopLine XL Set for front most door, EB 33
TopLine XL Set for rear most door, left
TopLine XL Set for rear most door, right
TopLine XL Silent System set, 2 door
TopLine XL Upgrade set for optional soft opening / 2-door cabinet
TopLine L, Silent System soft colliding set
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