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  • Quietly and gently closing sliding doors
  • Little effort required for easy door movement
  • Adjustable self closing for reliably closing doors of widely differing weights
  • Reserve capacity for heavy doors

Set comprises:
  • 2 soft closing elements
  • 2 activators
  • 4 mounting adapters
  • 2 end stops
  • Fixing material

  • Please order a set for offset opening and an upgrade set
  • Sets for offset opening always contain the soft opening element for the middle doors
  • Upgrade set always contains the soft closing element for the rear most doors

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Technical details
Height adjustment Yes
Door mounting option overlay  
Door weight per door (max) 50  kg
Components System Silent System  
Door offset in offset opening  
Minimum door width in 700  mm
Max. door width 1500  mm
Door height (max) 2600  mm
Number of tracks 2  
Quantity for 2 door 1  
Quantity for 4 door 1  
Door weight per door (max) 50  kg
Door mounting option overlay  
Number of tracks 2  
PU 1