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Fitting systems for interior design

Management for clothes
The modular Amari 200 shelf system can be matched to any specific need. The aluminium profiles, which can be cut to length, and the many design options produce endless configurations. Always divided up perfectly. Always the most practical functions. And always the best possible convenience: using specially developed adapters, Amari 200 can be fitted with Quadro drawer runners. A shelf system that's hard to top.
Amari trouser holder, single
Tray for Amari trouser holder
Amari pull-out shelf
Amari pull-out shelf
Código 9132980
Spacer profile 9.5 mm for Amari pull-outs
Front profile for wooden shelves
Amari 200 floor / wall connection profile, depth 300 mm
Amari 200 floor / ceiling profile
Amari 200 shelf supports
Amari 200 shelf supports
Código 9132948
Shelf support 15°, Amari 200
Amari 200 Quadro adapter
Amari 200 Quadro adapter
Código 9132961
Amari 200 garment lift adapter
Amari 200 wardrobe rail supports type A
Amari 200 wardrobe rail supports type B
Amari 200 corner shelf support