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Flap fittings

The flap makes a comeback
Win your customers over with good selling points! Flap fronts, for instance: in many cases, they are the most practical solution. They are now undergoing a renaissance after being out of fashion for a while. Hettich flap fittings make contemporary statements in terms of quality and convenience. In kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and corridors, the Hettich range includes flap fittings for all requirements. High quality, robust and durable.
Upward opening flap fitting Lift Advanced HK, 276 - 720
Lift up flap fitting Lift Advanced HS, 372 - 688
Flap stay Lift Basic
Flap stay Lift Basic
Order no. 9079593
Flap stay Klassik D with L 258 D support / 350 left Nickel plated
Flap stay KH L250
Flap stay KH L250
Order no. 13235
Adapter for connection to 19 mm wide aluminium profiles