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Systems with double walled drawer side profiles

First class drawer systems. Developed by Hettich.
AvanTech YOU, ArciTech, InnoTech and InnoTech Atira – four systems, one aim: differentiation with cost efficient platform concepts. The innovative AvanTech YOU drawer system sets new standards in drawers thanks to its pure design and elegant look. ArciTech is impressive with its smooth running action and extraordinary stability. InnoTech and InnoTech Atira are synonymous with tried and proven quality as well as a high level of functionality.
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AvanTech YOU Drawer side profile set, height 101 mm x NL 350 mm, anthracite, left and right
AvanTech YOU Drawer side profile set, height 187 mm x NL 500 mm, anthracite, left and right
AvanTech YOU Rear panel stabiliser
AvanTech YOU Design profile in accent colour, Chrome look, 550 mm
AvanTech YOU Customisable design profile, grey
Befestigungsmaterial für DesignCapes
Full extension runner Quadro YOU M (30 kg) with Silent System, compatible with Push to open Silent, 500 mm, left and right
ArciTech Drawer side profile, Drawer side profile height 94 x NL 550 mm, champagne, left
Actro drawer runner with Silent System / Push to open Silent, L (40 kg), 270 mm, Cabinet body side thickness 19 mm (installed width EB 12), right
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