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WingLine L folding door system

Experiencing folding doors in a new way
WingLine L lets you produce folding sliding doors in a completely new dimension of convenience. The revolutionary Push / Pull to move opening mechanism provides access to everything inside the cabinet with just one movement of the hand. An impressive panorama effect! Further highlights: optimised running performance, soft opening and closing, tool-less installation as well as minimal door protrusion. A talented all rounder for the bedroom, kitchen and office.
WingLine L set of fittings for max. door wing weight of 12 kg with self closing feature and bottom guide, 600 mm, left
Guide profiles
WingLine L Stay open element, right, grey
WingLine L Profile mounting clip
WingLine L Cover cap for running component for door wings weighing up to 25 kg, grey
Pull to move Silent all-inclusive set, medium, grey, left